Want to Be Successful with Your SMS Marketing Campaigns: Read This First

Are you planning to include SMS marketing in your overall marketing strategy? If the answer to the above question is yes, there are some rules that you must abide by in order to be successful in your marketing campaign. Here are some of them.

Rule 1: Deliver a message with captivating values

One of the reasons why many SMS marketers fail is because they don’t offer value to their clients in their SMS. Don’t just send out commercial text messages to your clients. Some messages get some consumers pissed off because they contain no valuable and captivating offer. Always take yourself as a consumer and before sending a message, ask yourself if as a person you will see the content captivating and valuable? Evaluate your commercial message and determine whether or not you will take action, if you are the receiver of the message. If you will take action as a consumer, definitely, another consumer will take action on receiving the message. Such a message is considered valuable.

Rule 2: Highlights your offer by starting your text with it

As I mentioned above, every SMS is supposed to offer something valuable to the recipient. When preparing your SMS, make sure that you start it with the offer in a fascinating manner. For example, “buy one and get one free only for this week” should be a nice message for a men’s wear shop. The offer should be in the first sentence or among the first things the receiver will read. This is a strong means of capturing your recipient’s attention. Bear in mind that many people don’t have time to read text messages. Thus, once the first sentences make no meaning or offer them nothing interesting, they will delete it or go to another message.

Rule 3: Keep it personal

When sending out a commercial message to an audience, try to make it quite personal and exclusive to the would-be customers or existing customers. Having a general type of message is not the best. Put differently, your customer should have the feeling that your commercial message is meant for them or that they are part of the special offer. In this way, they will feel valued and special.

Rule 4: Highlight the expiration period

Don’t make an offer that has no expiration date. A veritable means of making your offer viable and creating a sense of urgency in your client is to highlight your offer expiration date. If an offer is captivating and customers want to benefit from them, you can only get them to seek for it quickly as if it is something very urgent is to attach a validity period to it. Nobody will see a good thing and wait for it to expire. They will want to buy it before it expires.

Rule 5: Give full detailed information about a business location and contact information

When you make an offer to your customer, it is also important that you provide them with your contact details so that they will know where to redeem their offer or who to contact for further inquiries about the offer. If you don’t include your contact details, definitely, there may be one or two persons that will need some clarifications about the offer.

The above are some important rules to follow besides good SMS numbers in order to have a successful SMS marketing strategy.